👝In-game Wallet

Asset Management Interface in Bomb Crypto

The In-game Wallet provides players with a comprehensive overview and control over their in-game tokens and NFTs. This Wallet is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing players to easily manage their in-game assets. The ability to select mining tokens, view detailed token information, and seamlessly deposit and withdraw funds enhances the overall gameplay experience and provides players with greater control over their Bomb Crypto assets.

This Wallet is divided into three main sections: Mine, Deposit, and Withdraw.

Mine display

The Mine displays all tokens and NFTs that players have earned through mining activities in the game. This includes BCOIN, SEN, Star Core, and BHeroes when you rescue them from the Prison Chest. Players can select which token they want to mine in Treasure Mode from this wallet. Additionally, the Mine Wallet provides detailed information about each token, such as its current balance, status, and network.

Deposit display

The Deposit display shows all tokens that players have deposited into their Bomb Crypto account from external sources. This section serves as a space for users to deposit BCOIN and SEN token to wallet.

Withdraw display

The Withdraw display allows players to withdraw their tokens from the Bomb Crypto platform to external wallets or exchanges. This section displays the available balance of each token and BHero, provides a simple interface for initiating withdrawals. Remember, when you withdraw assets (including Token and BHero from Prison Chest) from your in-game wallet, you will incur a fee.

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