Bridging in crypto refers to the process of transferring assets between different blockchain networks. It aims to enhance interoperability, allowing for data and asset transfers across various networks. Our bridge is a tool for transferring BCOIN and SEN tokens from the BNB network to the Polygon and vice versa.

You can now transfer BCOIN token at:

Bridging tokens between networks incur a network fee, which can range from 5-15% of the total transfer amount. We recommend carefully reviewing the fee structure before initiating any cross-chain transfers to maximize your benefits.

With the amount of fees we collect from users bridging between 2 networks: 3% will be burned, with 7% returned to the developer's wallet.

Bridge Requirements:

A minimum of 200 tokens is required to initiate a bridge transaction. To ensure network stability, a maximum of 50,000 tokens can be bridged per transaction, regardless of the token type

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