📍Ongoing Operational Plan

Transparency and Vision for 2024

The Ongoing Operational Plan is Bomb Crypto's commitment to transparency and open communication with our community. This document outlines the key initiatives, developments, and strategies that the team is actively pursuing throughout 2024. By providing regular updates and insights, Bomb Crypto aims to foster a deeper understanding of the project's direction and goals.

Bomb Crypto encourages all community members to regularly review the Ongoing Operational Plan. By staying informed about the project's progress and plans, you can actively participate in its growth and success.

Ongoing Operational Plan


Tokenomics V2

$SEN Polygon Presale and Quickswap Listing

IOS Version Launch

PvP Battle Mode Season 3

Staking $SEN

SEN Security Audit Clearance

Increased Rewards in Chests

Update to Treasure Hunt Mode 2.1

BNB to Polygon Bridge

Listing on ONUS

PvP Battle Mode Season 2.2024

Buy Quartz with SEN and BCOIN for Shield Repair

Bomb Crypto NFTs are transferable

New Concept - Play to Revolutionize

Withdrawals Enabled and Deposit Feature Fix

Quartz Release and Price Reduction

Heroes TD Universe Joins Senspark Metaverse

Weekly Bridge Openings

Bug Fix in P2P for BCOIN Claiming

SWAP GEM Feature

Reward Distribution

Treasure Hunt Mode

Enforcement Against CheatPvP Exploitation

Hero Claiming

New Discord Server

1st PvP Battle Mode 2024

Upgrade Shield on BNB Chain

Bomb Crypto Summer Tournament

PvP Server Expansion

Open Automine Feature

BHero and BHouse Market

New Hero - Hesman

Legacy-Hero-Stake Feature

Treasure Hunt Mode 2.0

Android Version Launch

Controller Support

UI Changes and Bug Fixes

Hero Lock Feature

Optimized Server

SEN and BCOIN Listing on Coinstore

BCOIN Listed on CoinW

SEN (MATIC) Listed on Coingeck


Open SEN Bridge

Open SEN(MATIC) and BCOIN(MATIC) Staking

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