⚡Block Chest

Block Chests are treasure troves of valuable items that your Heroes can uncover as they bravely venture through the Bomb Crypto world. These chests can be unlocked by your Heroes' explosive skills. Every time your Heroes break through a chest, there's a chance rewards will appear. The anticipation of what lies within adds an exciting element to the gameplay, as each chest holds the potential to significantly boost your progress.

The specific items and their quantities within a chest depend on the chest's rarity. Block Chests come in four distinct rarities, each with increasing value and potential rewards:

  • Block Wooden Chest: The most common type of chest, offering the highest chance of obtaining Star Cores, along with a smaller amount of BCOIN and SEN.

  • Block Silver Chest: A less common chest with a moderate chance of yielding Star Cores, and a higher quantity of BCOIN and SEN compared to Wooden Chests.

  • Block Golden Chest: A rare and coveted chest containing a lower chance of Star Cores, but a generous amount of BCOIN and SEN.

  • Block Diamond Chest: The rarest and most valuable chest, you can't find Star Cores, but overflowing with substantial amounts of BCOIN and SEN.

  • Prison Chest: You will be able to rescue BHeros from these special chests. Prison chests appear randomly on some maps.

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