⚡Auto Mine

Auto Mine is a feature that allows your Bomb Crypto Heroes to automatically resume mining after replenishing a set percentage of their energy, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This feature can be utilized for mining both SEN and BCOIN.

Restrictions and Requirements

  • Hero Ownership: You must have at least one hero in your Inventory to activate Auto Mine.

  • Package Renewal: The "+" button for extending Auto Mine will only be available when the current package has two days or less remaining, or has already expired.

Auto Mine Toggle

  • On: When a hero's energy reaches 0%, they will automatically enter the Home to recharge if available. If you don't have a Home, the hero will rest instead. Any hero resting or in the Home with 70% or more of their total energy will automatically switch to Work mode. Heroes with higher rarity or stats will be prioritized for Home placement. If the Home is full and a resting hero has higher rarity/stats than a hero in the Home, the lowest-ranking hero in the Home will be swapped out.

  • Off: Disables Auto Mine functionality.

Purchasing Auto Mine Packages

  • Cumulative Purchases: You can purchase additional Auto Mine packages two days before the current package expires.

  • Payment Methods: Packages can be purchased using BCOIN deposits from your wallet. If you have insufficient funds, a pop-up message will alert you.

  • Dynamic Pricing: Package prices are not fixed and will vary for each user based on their 7 days mining performance.

Pricing Calculation

  • 7-Day Package: The price is calculated as the total BCOIN mined in the past 7 days multiplied by 0.12, with a minimum price of 20 BCOIN.

  • 30-Day Package: The price is calculated as the total BCOIN mined in the past 7 days multiplied by 0.35, with a minimum price of 63 BCOIN.

If you are logged in with your username and Auto Mine is enabled, the game will automatically reconnect if you experience an unexpected disconnection.

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