đŸ’ĒManage Hero

The "Hero" section within Treasure Hunt Mode serves as your command center for overseeing and optimizing the performance of your Bomb Crypto Heroes. This feature provides essential tools to manage your Heroes' activities, energy levels, and overall effectiveness in the treasure hunt. Within the "Hero" section, each of your Heroes is categorized into one of three statuses, providing valuable insights into their current state and readiness for action:

  1. Work: This status indicates that the Hero is actively engaged in the treasure hunt. You'll see them diligently placing bombs, strategically navigating the map, and collecting valuable rewards. Their energy is being consumed as they work, so it's important to monitor their levels.

  2. Rest: When a Hero's energy is depleted, they automatically enter the "Rest" status. This means they are taking a well-deserved break to recharge. During this time, they are inactive and cannot participate in the treasure hunt. The rest period is essential for their recovery, ensuring they can return to the hunt with renewed vigor.

  3. Home: Heroes in the "Home" status are actively recovering their energy. Placing Heroes in the house significantly speeds up their recovery compared to simply resting. This allows them to rejoin the treasure hunt much faster, maximizing their contribution to your rewards.

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