Hero Fusion is a feature that allows players to combine multiple lower-rarity HeroFi NFTs to create a single higher-rarity hero. This process involves two types of materials: main ingredients and support ingredients.


  • Slots: There are four slots available for main ingredients, but only a minimum of three heroes of the same rarity are required to fuse into a hero of one rarity level higher.

  • Success Rate: Each hero used as a main ingredient contributes a 25% chance of success.

    • Example: Using 03 Rare heroes results in a 75% chance of upgrading to Super Rare. Using 04 Rare heroes guarantees a 100% success rate.

  • Outcome: If the fusion is successful, you will receive a hero of the target rarity with randomly generated attributes, similar to a newly minted hero. If the fusion fails, all materials are lost.

  • Maximum Selection: You can select up to four main ingredients.

Support Ingredients: You can use lower-rarity heroes as support ingredients to increase the success rate of the fusion.

Success Rate Increase: The percentage increase in success rate for each hero is calculated using the following formula: Percentage = 25% / 4^(X-1)

Where X is the difference in rarity between the ingredient hero and the target hero.

Example: If the target hero is Epic:

  • Using one Common hero as a support ingredient results in X = 3.

  • Using one Rare hero as a support ingredient results in X = 2.

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