BHero is a collection of NFTs, representing heroes within the game, each with different stats and rarities. They can be minted infinitely within the game or traded on the marketplace. Presently, BHeroes are used to mine reward tokens within the game and they can be utilized in other on-chain features of the game.

Each BHero is mint with randomly generated attributes and skills, which determine their mining power, speed, stamina, bomb capacity, and bomb range.

In Treasure Hunt mode, heroes will automatically place bombs to mine for resources. They prioritize targeting blocks with higher health points (HP) first, ensuring efficient mining. If a block already has a bomb planted on it, heroes will intelligently seek out other blocks to target. When only one block remains, heroes will strategically position themselves to place the final bomb.

Bomb Heroes Power Stats

  • Power: bomb's destructive power

  • Bomb Range: the length when the bomb explodes

  • Stamina: hero's energy

  • Bomb Number: the number of bombs can be placed

  • Speed: movement speed

This power stat of each Bomb Crypto Hero will be different. The higher the rarity, the stronger these 5 power stats will be. Individual Bomb Crypto Hero members will be revealed soon.

Hero Abilities: Unleashing Unique Powers

In Bomb Crypto, each Hero possesses a set of randomized abilities that enhance their capabilities in the treasure hunt. These abilities can significantly impact their effectiveness in combat, resource gathering, and overall performance. The rarity of a Hero directly influences the number of abilities they possess.

There are seven distinct abilities that Heroes can possess, each offering unique advantages:

  • + 02 DMG when The Chest explodes

  • + 05 DMG when The Prison explodes

  • Explode through The Block

  • + 20% Rate not lost Mana when placing Bomb

  • + 0.5 Stamina/Min while Resting

  • Go through The Bomb

  • Go through The Block

By carefully considering your Heroes' abilities and employing strategic tactics, you can unlock their full potential and achieve greater success in the exciting world of Bomb Crypto.

There are 2 types of hero: Hero-fi and Hero-tr

+ HERO-FI is a current NFT of Bomb Crypto and these heroes are only used for mining in Treasure Hunt Mode.

+ HERO-TR is for playing Adventure Mode and PvP Mode.

Whenever new users log in to the game, users will receive a hero as a gift. Here are 3 heroes for users: Ninja / Knight / Witch. Let use these heroes to clear the Adventure mode!

Hero Legacy (Hero L)

Legacy Heroes (Hero L) are the original heroes in Bomb Crypto that do not possess shields. They are defined as heroes acquired before the implementation of Hero S. They can be easily identified by the "L" icon displayed in the bottom right corner of their card.

To upgrade a Legacy Hero into a Hero S, players must stake (lock) a specific amount of BCOIN for 30 days. Upon successful staking, the Legacy Hero will immediately gain a shield and inherit the shield mechanics of current Hero S, including durability, repair costs, and material extraction. Players can unstake their BCOIN from a Legacy Hero at any time. However, early unstaking incurs a fee, calculated as a percentage of the total staked BCOIN. The fee percentage decreases as the staking period progresses, reaching 0% after 30 days.

Visit Stake Hero S for more details and information about staking Hero L

Hero S (Hero with Shield)

Hero S are a special type of hero in Bomb Crypto, similar to regular heroes in terms of rarity, power, and other attributes. However, they come with the added advantage of a shield, which provides an extra layer of protection during battles and mining expeditions.

There are three primary ways to obtain Hero S in Bomb Crypto:

  1. Minting in the NFT Shop: You can directly mint Hero S from the in-game NFT shop using BCOIN and SEN. This guarantees you an Hero S with a full shield charge.

  2. Fusion: By combining five regular heroes of the same rarity, you can fuse them into a single Hero S of the same rarity. This provides an alternative method for acquiring S Heroes, especially if you have an abundance of regular heroes.

  3. Buy directly on Marketplace

  4. Rescue Hero from Prison Chest

Feature comparison table

FeaturesHero LHero S




Exchange material



Repair Shield



Upgrade Shield



Mint token



Shield Mechanics

The shield on an Hero S functions has a durability rating that decreases when the hero takes damage. When the shield's durability reaches zero, it breaks, and the hero becomes vulnerable to damage.

Damaged shields can be repaired using Quartz, a valuable in-game resource. The amount of Quartz required for repair depends on the rarity of the hero and the extent of the damage.

Learn more about Shield:


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